KP&G counsels its banking clients on a variety of issues, including commercial and residential foreclosures, tax deeds, bankruptcy, building court, mechanic liens and eviction matters.

Commercial Foreclosures and Residential Foreclosures
KP&G represents lenders in commercial foreclosures from small commercial buildings and apartment buildings to multimillion dollar commercial foreclosures.  KP&G has a decade of combined experience in commercial and residential foreclosures,

  • Receiverships;
  • Mediation;
  • Loan Restructuring;
  • Forbearance Agreements;
  • Cross collateralized loans;
  • Illinois Credits Agreement Act;
  • Note sales and assignments of Certificates of Sale;

Tax Deeds
KP&G is highly experienced in this complicated area of the law and has been defending lender’s lien interest for almost a decade.

  • KP&G has successfully defended, objected to and numerous vacated tax deeds for its clients which, otherwise, would have extinguished the Lender’s mortgage on the collateral.
  • KP&G has experience in indemnity petitions which may help the Lender recover payment for its extinguished lien.

KP&G represents Lenders in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings, including, but not limited to:

  • Motions to Modify the Automatic Stay;
  • Objections to Plans;
  • Attend Creditors Meetings;
  • Attend Confirmation Hearings;

Building Court
KP&G represents Lenders in building court matters.

  • Demolition hearings;
  • Gang and Drug Division;
  • Porch Issues
  • Purchases and sales of office buildings, restaurants, retail spaces, and shopping centers
  • Due diligence review

Mechanic Liens
KP&G represents Banks in defending the priority of their mortgage interest and enforcing the statutory mandates of the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act.

KP&G represents Lenders in commercial and residential evictions.